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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

What are the characteristics of our different paddleboards? And why did we choose the brands RED PADDLE CO and Starboard?

Sup Ardennen has 4 different types of paddleboards. Two different RED Sport boards, the RED tandem board and the Starboard airline race. What are the differences?

Geert on the Starboard Airline Race

1. RED Sport Touring 11.0"x 30" and 11.3"x 32"

The RED PADDLE CO boards are of excellent quality. RED is one of the top brands in the SUP world. We have chosen the Sport model because it is suitable for both beginners and people who want to paddle longer distances. The boards are known for their stiffness and the pointed nose makes them glide through the water better. The 11.3 "is intended for heavier people or people who have more trouble maintaining their balance.

RED boards ready for action!

2. RED Voyager Tandem 15.0"x 34

The tandem SUP from RED is huge and suitable for everyone! It is intended for 2 adults, but you can use it with up to 3 children. Especially when your child is a bit anxious or stressy in the beginning, than going together is an ideal start. These large boards are also a playful addition to the single boards when you go out with a group. Ultimately, everyone wants to try the tandem because fun is guaranteed! For people who weigh more than 100 kg, the tandem gives a very good chance of success, even more so than the single boards!

A mother with her 3 kids!

3. Starboard Allstar airline 14.0"x 26"

Can tou go significantly faster with a race board? Yes! But of course you still have to paddle yourself! A lot depends on your paddling technique whether you really go faster. Do you want to improve your paddling technique? Than book a clinic and ask for the best tips! The race board is a perfect addition to our range. More and more people already have some paddle experience and want to try something different.

Roelian on het race board!


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