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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Can I get my dog to join me on the paddleboard? We get that question very often. And we don't have a straightforward answer. We will try and see if it works.

Taking your dog on the board requires a certain amount of self-confidence. And it is also nice if you know your dog well. Does he or she like water? Does he or she get nervous easily? If you stay calm and composed, then he / she will be too!

Enjoying the moment on the water together!

8 tips for successful paddleboarding with your dog

1. First go paddleboarding without a dog

People who go paddleboarding for the first time and then immediately take their dog might make it difficult for themselves. Better practice alone first.

2. Provide a flat, stable step

For dogs, stepping up from the shore on the board often is the most difficult and stressful step. Make sure your board is at exactly at the same height as the shore. If this is not possible, try to find a step with as little height difference as possible.

3. Bring some treats

So you can reward your dog once he get onto the board.

Just a little swim!

4. Start on your knees

So start on your knees so that you can feel the balance and try to paddle with the dog on the board.

5. Do not try to get up too quick

Take your time. Calm your dog down. Pet him. The goal is to have a good time together, not necessarily to get to the other side of the lake.

6. Provide a life jacket for the dog

Even though most dogs are good swimmers, the lake is 14 meters deep and if you are in the middle of it, swimming to the shore is quite taxing. Most life jackets have a grip on top so you can easily help your dog to get onto the board from the water.

On the tandem with 2 dogs

7. Choose the tandem sup

Do you find paddling daunting, but still want to try it? Then choose the tandem. Nice and stable, plenty of room and tipping over is almost impossible.

8. Line loose or stuck?

Whether you keep your dogs leash loose or firm is your own choice. In any case, do not attach the leash to anything (to yourself or to the board). If your dog decides to go swimming, he is free and you remain stable. We prefer to go paddling without a leash to avoid the it getting stuck on something (a branch or tree stump, etc.).


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