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Stand Up Paddling is an activity for everybody, athletes and couch potatoes alike, young and old. First read some practical tips to make your SUP outing successful. Have fun!


* Do you know the location? It's "Barrage de Nisramont". Not in the village of Nisramont but down in the valley, by the river.

* You can park your car and take, after the roundabout, a small footpath to the left. We are up there with our gear, or nearby the water. In high season the parking can be crowded, so take extra time to find a spot.

* Life jackets are included in the price. You can rent a wetsuit for 5€ when available (only adult sizes).

* Children 6 and older may participate. A life jacket is mandatory. Children aged 6 to 12 can paddle by themselves, but must be accompanied by an adult.

* Be sure to always use a cord when wearing (sun)glasses on the board!

* Don't forget to wear sun screen or bring a cap, water (no non-returnable bottles please!), swimwear or quick-drying clothing.

* We usually go paddleboarding barefoot or while wearing water shoes.

* The lake of Nisramont is not a simple round lake. It is a part of the river Ourthe, stopped by a dam. Behind the dam you can paddle at least 2km away and 2km back. The green area is classified by "Natura 2000".

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Who will give you the starting instructions when you rent a board?

And who will accompany you during your supclinic?

Roelian Oorschot

Roelian Oorschot

Roelian has done a paddleboard training at the Dutch Watersports Union

Geert Stessens

Geert Stessens

Geert is sup-, kayak- and general outdoor sports instructor

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